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by ABCCmain on March 16, 2012

Trout in Plaid blog  Feb 13, 2012 

There are 2 things I really love – unlikely combinations and a beautifully designed book. Wendy Trusler and and Carol Devine’s soon to be released The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning is all that and then some.

Frank Hurley and Ernest Shackleton, circa 1917, Endurance Expedition

Possibly a reincarnation of Catherine Parr Trail and never shy of adventure, Peterborough artist Wendy Trusler has been a cook in both tree planting camps and a Russian research base in Antarctica. She can also paddle a mean canoe and makes one of the best loaves of bread I’ve ever had. Wendy has given us videos of  bread-making, reworked construction salvage into works of art, and categorized personal letters in the windows of public spaces.

As Executive Director of the VIEW Foundation, Carol Devine led the pilot civilian clean-up expedition to the Polish Henryk Arctowski research station on the Antarctic Peninsula in 1995, and the Russian-Canadian environmental clean up project on Bellingshausen station in 1996. Among other accomplishments she also won first prize for Australia in the David T. K. Wong Short Story Competition for PEN International in 2000.

Yes, we have in our midst 2 quintessentially strong women – leading and providing for a Russian-Canadian clean-up project in the Antarctic through the white nights of 1995-1996. Now we can visit King George Island, 120 miles off the Antarctic Peninsula, through their past and present photos, journals, letters, recipes, menu plans and provision lists.

Designed by the Office of Gilbert Li with additional photography by Sandy Nicholson, this book is going to be a treasure. You can pre-order or help with the production of the book by visiting its website.

“Glacial Gastronomy”

by ABCCmain on March 16, 2012

Breaking the Ice and Breaking Bread

by Kait Fowlie in City Bites, Early Spring 2012. (One Last Bite, final page)

Thanks for taking the us on the first ABCC interview journey Dick Snyder.