Sad news West Antarctica: lets fight for our planet 2013+

by ABCCmain on December 29, 2012

West Antarctica warming faster than thought, but not total surprise considering whats happening at other Pole and around the world.

We know since discovery of the ozone hole and cause that we can change our behavior for the better–scientists, lawmakers and citizens made change to ban CFCs.  We can also reduce our carbon footprint. Rest of 2012 and 2013 let’s do it.

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is concerned about the future contribution of Antarctica to sea level rise in a new study finds that the western part of the continent’s ice sheet is experiencing nearly twice as much warming as previously thought. Report about the study byJoseph Romm.

Romm is a Fellow at American Progress and is the editor of Climate Progress, which New York Times columnist Tom Friedman called “the indispensable blog” and Time magazine named one of the 25 “Best Blogs of 2010.” Time named him a “Hero of the Environment.″

thankful to be alive: a year of penguin steaks

by ABCCmain on December 23, 2012

A Stranded Photographer Who Survived for a Year on Penguin Steaks

“…photography was invented in time to document the exploits of other historic explorers. In the early 20th century, advanced photo sales could actually help fund an expedition. It is thanks in part to this financial incentive that we have the incredible images below, taken by Australian photographer Frank Hurley on Ernest Shackleton’s epic Antarctic Expedition.

The us understand how an expedition that went so horribly wrong still managed to have a happy ending.”

From Slate, Alyssa Coppelman, Oct 11, 2012

Eleven-a-side by Frank Hurley 1915

The last of the ship, Frank Hurley 1915

Frank Hurley’s journal, Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition

“Dec 25, 1914

Christmas Day ! Morning cold and windy, though good progress till noon, position being: Latitude 65 deg-43 south longitude 17-24 deg…

Laes presents us at breakfast with a neat little packet of great utility – a small carborundum knife sharpener.

In honour of the day, the wardroom was made gay with flags, and the table cloths were turned inside out as to hide their colour. Paper “serviettes” also added a homely café like air to the tables.

The Menu.

Mock Turtle Soup.

White Bait.

Jugged Hare.

Christmas Pudding.

Mince Pies.

Desert: [sic] Figs and Dates.

In the evening, we had a sing-song till 8pm, when the engines turned again. Glorious sunset this evening, the sun just below the horizon for an hour or so at midnight, and then to shine again on a new day.

Dec 26

Noticeable paucity of bird and animal life.”

Happy Holiday from the Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning and all the best for 2013. Gratitude.