The Antarctic Book: if she did selfies

by ABCCmain on February 25, 2014

We love that since The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning landed at people’s doors, desks, ships etc. starting in late December 2013 that many were inspired to photograph it, tweet it, post it to instagram, pinterest and/or send us a copy. Sometimes the picture included Antarctic food shots such as Laura Brehaut‘s “Wendy” bread baked with Wendy Trusler’s dough, Justine’s Chocolate Cake adaptation while others like Chuck Oritz Acqtaste editor’s posted beautiful compositions on instagram (acqtastemag). Sometimes the image was just the lovely book cover, designed by the Office of Gilbert Li and photographed by Sandy Nicholson. Send us your pix or please post it on our Facebook page. If you cook from the book, send us your Antarctican creation adaptation please!

Update: Youngest ABCC Baker

Here is the latest, a special image because it’s the ABCC’s youngest “Wendy Bread” baker, Lily in Peterborough. We asked her about the experience and she said, “It’s different from braiding hair, but just about as much fun.” Thanks Lily, Barb and David for sharing this with us. That’s a gorgeous loaf and we see someone got into one end already. A testimony to the beautiful job you did.

Lily's Braided Bread 'Honey Oatmeal Bread' aka Wendy Bread

Vanessa Wyse, The GRID

The Drake General Store online, Toronto












Justine Price: "Served up Wendy's cake tonight for a very belated family Xmas dinner. So good. Used apricot jam instead of marmalade, and with the ganache frosting."

Carolyn Gibson Smith's copy, city | art insider Paris

The Drake General Store, Queen St W

Chuck Oritz acqtastemag caption: "Stunning photography by Sandy Nicholson #theantarcticbookofcooking #foodjournalism #supportindie #visuallydope #inspired

laurabrehaut instagram caption: 'my very own "Wendy Bread" - honey oatmeal dough from Wendy herself' @abccantarctica recipe: feature via


Art Gallery of Peterborough


for a laugh, at Jamie Angell's (Angell Gallery) New Years Eve 2013

Maria Mutch, author of Know the Night, A Memoir of Survival in the Small Hours

Chuck Oritz acqtastemag instagram caption: At the launch of "The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning". Full review & photos coming soon #limitededition #hardcover #supportindie #finally











Wendy's friend's son's birthday cake is Wendy's chocolate cake. Of his grandma at the party: "Just off the phone with my Dad who told me my Mom who doesnt like chocolate cake, she can be very picky when it comes to food, thought the cake was the "best she's had in her 82 years." No joke, she really said it."

Likely General storefront Roncesvalles Ave Toronto


Elizabeth Fennell Gallery in the Attic GITA Peterborough, Pinterest




Antarctic mixology: Antarctic Old Fashion

by ABCCmain on February 15, 2014

Bourbon & Life Savers

On an expedition, you multitask. At Bellingshausen, Wendy was cook, resident artist, food stylist, butcher, mixologist, cultural attaché and more. She wrote on Jan 2, 1996, “New Year’s Eve potluck with the Russians. I brought Mexican and served mai tais with glass tubes Dima found in the lab to use as straws.” While there settting up the Joint Russian-Canadian Ecological project and for the volunteer cleanup camp I fashioned myself an expedition leader, diplomat, logistician, student, dishwasher and cleaning lady.

From Bourbon, Antarctica, Travis McGill Dahlke "Manatee Riverbank Children's Stories for Grown Ups". A whole other story.

This recipe we recently discovered was invented by the crew at the US Little America V base in Antarctica from 1956-8, from the The Antarctican Society newsletter, “perfected at Camp Michigan on the Ross Ice Shelf” and described by James “Gentleman Jim” Zerberge.

Antarctic Old Fashion (c. 1956-58)

1 5th bourbon (Old Methuselah 100 proof) // seven packages of multiflavored Life Savers // Antarctic snow and ice

“This is a long way around to telling the recipe (formula is a better word) for an Antarctic Old Fashion. It is impossible to make a simple Antarctic Old Fashion. All the research at Little America V was based on a batch quantity. Here are  the ingredients: one fifth of Old Methusala (100 proof Navy ‘bourbon’) and seven packages multiflavoured Life Savers.

Pour the Old Methusala into another container and fill the empty bottle half full with freshly melted snow.” The rest of the recipe we pick up from Marcia Gevelinger Bastian’s Meals and Memories, part of The Great Family Cookbook Project.

Force the lifesavers, one by one into the mouth of the bourbon bottle and shake until all are dissolved. (Research suggests using only 2 red lifesavers). Pour in bourbon and mix well. Serve over Antarctic glacier ice.

from Behance

You could substitute Old Methusala for Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky or another.

Maybe the beautiful restaurants with visual nods to Antarctic and exploration  The East Pole or The Fat Radish would do a test remake of this quintessentially American-Antarctica recipe – but perhaps with seasonal cherries instead.

Check out The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning for other tasty international Antarctic drinks with twists collected in the 1995-1996 season.

still from Horse Feathers, Marx brothers film 1932

Drink responsibly wherever you are. In the Antarctic, don’t drink and zodiac-ride or go alone for a stroll.

The Antarctic Old Fashion appeared here as part of the project. Marcia Gevelinger, author of Bastian Meals and Memories

The Antarctican Society has colorful roots as an “old boys” drinking club. Carl Eklund, freshly home from a year as leader at Wilkes Station (formerly a U.S. station, now the Australian Casey Station), was known to enjoy the company of his fellow International Geophysical Year cronies. Dr. Eklund frequently entertained this august group in his D.C. basement, outfitted with a wet bar and elephant’s foot kitty jar. These communal and legendary events occurred throughout the 1950s and 1960s. By 1970 the club was welcoming both genders and had taken the bold step of adopting a charter and bylaws. (from The Antarctic Sun)

From The Antarctican Society website: “membership has included such illustrious Antarcticans as Dr. Laurence Gould and Dr. Paul Siple, both of whom served under Admiral Richard E. Byrd in the various Byrd Antarctic Expeditions. The current membership includes many veterans of the original International Geophysical Year (IGY) in 1957-58 and Operation Deep Freeze. We have veterans of the well-known stations such as Little America, McMurdo, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station and Palmer as well as Byrd Station, Hallett Station, Eights Station, Plateau Station, Dome C and more than a few non-American stations. But we also have members who are active in Antarctica right now. The Antarctican Society is truly multi- generational.”

Polar Ice Coring during International Geophysical Yeaar 1957-58. Little America V drill rig, December 1958. —Credit: Photo courtesy of Tony Gow.

Local Toronto Bourbon research (dry not wet, yet, was just 4pm) for a potential Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning event. Images in Grand Electric restaurant on 1330 Queen St West.

Grand Electric bourbon list image: Carol Devine

Bourbon infusions Mint Vanilla Orange, Grand Electric Bar, image: Carol Devine