Authors Festival, Prince Edward County: Antarctic Book of Cooking & Cleaning

by ABCCmain on April 13, 2014

A wonderful 2-days of authors festival in Picton, Ontario at Books & Company on Main Street in picturesque tasty Prince Edward County. Wendy Trusler & Carol Devine read at 11am today in The Lipson Room from The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning in the non-fiction Festival section alongside Jane Fairburn, author of Along the Shore: Rediscovering Toronto’s Waterfront Heritage.

Amazing questions from the audience:  Will you put the rusty nails [that the volunteers picked up by hand in Antarctica that Wendy brought home] from Bellingshausen in a museum? [one day at the right time, says Wendy, currently touring some of the ‘museum’ she keeps in her studio].  What about the Arctic, what is at stake? [a lot with major plans to develop it and extract resources with not enough concern about sustainability, health and wellbeing was the answer from Carol.]

Some early impromptu shots. [Oh no Wendy’s 75 cinnamon buns, a book recipe, were served and eaten while we were on stage! No pix.]


Wendy's Dancing in a Northern Kitchen pieces

  A highlight was the surprise attendance of former treeplanter Ken Murray who had the fortune of Wendy’s treeplanting cookery back in the days pre-Antarctica. He recalled, “You made mushroom shaped bread and dressed me up as Santa Claus on the hottest day in June.”

Another pleasant Antarctic link was learning Books & Company co-owner Alexandra Bake’s brother has a sailboat named 2041 honouring Sir Robert Swan’s organization 2041 raising awareness on the year the potential renegotiation of The Antarctic Treaty’s environmental protection and obligations. Every bit counts. That was the message at the end of the session!

Thank you David & Barbara Sweet, Alexandra Bake, Tanya, and all Books & Co Festival and Miss Lily’s team.

Thank you too to our gracious hosts, the Taylors.

Book now in Vancouver BC & Picton ON: Get your limited edition now

by ABCCmain on April 10, 2014

Dear food, exploration, adventure, polar and earth steward friends. Where to get your limited edition:

New locations:

Vancouver, BC at Barbara Jo’s Books to Cooks 1740 West 2nd Avenue (half a block east of Burrard) Telephone  604-688-6755

Picton, ON  Books & Company, 289 Main Street, Picton ON 613.476.303

Other locations:


The Drake General Store, 1144 Queen St West

Image Drake General Store

Likely General, 389 Roncesvalles Ave


The Art Gallery of Peterborough, 250 Crescent St


Gallery in The Attic 140 1/2 Hunter Street West, Apt. C

Circus 382 George Street North

Circus image