ABCC in NYT Food & Cooking Holiday Gift Guide 2015

by ABCCmain on November 28, 2015

THE COOK WHO HAS EVERYTHING still craves something more

New York Times Food & Cooking Holiday Gift Guide 2015

“Food gifts — practical, beautiful and edible — from the staff of The New York Times Food and Cooking to please those who spend the year pleasing you”



Italian paper says ABCC “new flavour”

by ABCCmain on November 23, 2015

Corriere Della Sera


“A diary that intersects with a recipe book: it is not the first book of this kind but The Antarctic book of Cooking and Cleaning has a new flavour, is full of heart” in Dove, Viaggi Corriere Della Sera 29 September 2015

Un diario ma anche un ricettario di Carol Devine e Wendy Trusler, che hanno guidato una missione ambientalista sull’isola King George, a 120 miglia dalla penisola antartica