Seattle Times: Satisfy any craving with 20 gifts for the cook

by ABCCmain on December 16, 2015

Food & Drink section of The Seattle Times also includes The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning for the cook’s best present.

The cook who has everything still wants something more. Here are 20 gifts — practical, beautiful and edible — that range from $6 to $100

This chronicle of an environmental expedition to the South Shetland Islands celebrates the trials and triumphs of cooking in an underequipped kitchen on the far side of the world. One recipe begins, “Collect living kelp”; another features chicken bouchées attached to a board with nails, with a note that toothpicks may be used at home. All will be of interest to the adventurous cook.

Paste Magazine, top of the 2015 cookbook list

by ABCCmain on December 14, 2015

Lovely Paste review by Sara Bir, an author and food writer who also admits a big love for Antarctica and hours spent ruminating how much the early explorers on Shackleton’s Imperial Antarctic expedition stuck on Elephant Island must have obsessed with thoughts of food.