Wendy Trusler

Wendy is an interdisciplinary visual artist, designer, writer and food stylist who was the camp cook for Project Antarctica II at Bellingshausen, South Shetland Islands.

Balancing a life of art and food for over twenty years Trusler has cooked and catered across Canada, food styled for film and television, (Canada AM, Breakfast Television, Canadian Living Cooks) and developed an art practice that encompasses visual art, curatorial projects, performance, film and writing.

Much of her work examines the roles that symbol and language play in coding memory, and the ways in which recollections are organized into what we understand as history. Shaped by the experience of having lived in isolation in wild places, ideas around ecology, continuity and regeneration play out in her material choices and the physicality of her work, as well as how it brings people together. 

Recent projects include, Voices at Hand, an archival-oriented performance piece that examines the essence of why we keep letters; Collective Vision, a public art initiative in the Mental Health Services Department of a hospital; and, Into the Living, a 15-year survey exhibition where she remounted Antarctic Chronicles—the meditation on the fragility of the environment and memory that laid the groundwork for this book.

Carol Devine

As Executive Director of the VIEW Foundation, Carol created the pilot civilian cleanup expedition to Poland’s Henryk Arctowski research station in Antarctica, 1995, and the Russian-Canadian environmental cleanup project at Bellingshausen, 1995/96.

She advises Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Canada and worked for MSF in Rwanda, East Timor and Southern Sudan. Carol presented to the World Trade Organization and the Canadian Parliament as one of MSF’s global Access to Essential Medicines campaigners. Carol ran human rights courses in the Asia-Pacific with the Diplomacy Training Program, University of New South Wales and consulted for Dignitas International and the Stephen Lewis Foundation. She was Special Advisor to the Museum of AIDS in Africa.

Carol’s writing credits include Determination about Tibetan women in the diaspora, Human Rights: The Essential Reference, Oryx Press and academic co-publications on HIV/AIDS. She has written for Border Crossing, Wallpaper, Canadian Circumpolar Health Network, Calvert Journal, The Medical Post, Australian Style and Vogue Entertaining and Travel amongst others and does public speaking and lecturing for universities and general audiences internationally. She’s a new member of the Society of Women Geographers. Carol won first prize for Australia in the David T. K. Wong Short Story Competition, PEN International in 2000.


For media requests and other information about the book please contact carol@theantarcticbookofcookingandcleaning.com

To contact Wendy: wendy@theantarcticbookofcookingandcleaning.com

sandy nicholson


An accomplished photographer, Sandy has photographed for books such as Chow Down: A Cookbook of Mostly Asian Recipes by Geoff Lindsay (Allen & Unwin), The Granite Club Cookbook: Nigel Didcock and Day in Life of Australia by Nickelodeon.

His photographs have been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London, at World Expo in Lisbon, at FotoFeis in Scotland, and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. He is also the winner of two Kobal Awards and a World Press Photo Award, as well as several Canadian, Australian and U.S. magazine awards. Sandy went to Antarctica as guest photographer in 1996 with a group of Australian doctors studying hypothermia and penguins.

Sandy’s most recent photographic book, 0-100, portraits of people aged 0 to 100, was published by Up Inc. in April 2011, as a limited edition book and application. 0-100, including its app received an award from Applied Arts and received high praise online and in magazines such as Fast Company. Sandy’s photographic book, 2nd, was exhibited in Toronto at Tatar Gallery and Sydney at the Australian Centre for Photography and was published by Magenta Foundation. His solo exhibitions, Lifts and Suburban Fetish, toured Australia, the UK, Canada and Eastern Europe.

His work has been published in Rolling Stone, New York Times Magazine, Art and Text, Brick, Wired, the Weekend Guardian, Toronto Life, In Style and Time. His major clients include Nike, Bank of Montreal, Nokia, Ogilvy & Mather and Soulpepper Theatre.


patrick shaw


Patrick Shaw is a partner in The ABCC book project. He is an accomplished international business leader and one of the world’s leading authorities on expedition travel to the Polar Regions. Working in the adventure travel industry for twenty years, Patrick built and led the two largest polar travel companies. His companies have covered more territory and made more first landings and discoveries than any other company or country in the Polar Regions.

Patrick successfully pioneered the development of affordable access to remote destinations by introducing the use of purpose built ice-class vessels for travellers. He coordinated the largest event in Antarctic history at Deception Island during the millennium celebrations. He is active within the world of polar politics and keenly supports educational opportunities for people who wish to use hands-on experience with nature to become ambassadors for environmental protection.


the office of gilbert li


The Office of Gilbert Li is a full-service graphic design studio based in Toronto. Working closely with a clientele of publishers, artists, cultural institutions, non-profit organizations, and creative services companies, they specialize in the development of editorial projects, print communications, and promotional materials.

Infused with intelligence, delight, beauty and craftsmanship, the studio’s work regularly receives accolades from the most prestigious design organizations and publications such as AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers, Communication Arts and Applied Arts.

Gilbert Li, who founded the studio in 2004, sits on the board of the Advertising & Design Club of Canada, is an accredited member of RGD Ontario, and lectures regularly on design. When he’s not obsessing about fonts he’s carefully pondering what’s for lunch.


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