Antarctic maps: imagined, not appearing and appearing

while preparing my paper and prototype map for the Scientific Conference on Antarctic Research Humanities meeting I came across these and many more Antarctic maps, here’s a little trip through few from the ages from across nations. From unknown, uninhabited to inhabited, to satellite produced warming red flags and modern journalistic maps.

Ptolemy Map 2nd century AD, drawn in 1400s

1572 Ortelius

Chinese map 1604

Map 1795 James Cook 1800s pas d'Antartique, “There may be a Continent or large tract of land near the Pole, I will not deny," James Cook, 5 Feb 1775

Colton Map of Antarctica or the South Pole 1872

German Antarctic map 1912

early 20th century presumed South American map of Antarctica

Argentinean map - land 'claim'


Antarctic ice shelves

Research Stations Dronning Maud Land

Elise Engler McMurdo Station

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