Today we raise a glass to the early Antarctic explorers honouring their determination and discoveries and to honour this continent precious to us all.

To Roald Amundsen, Helmer Hanssen, Sverre Hassel and Oscar Wisting of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition who were the first party to reach the South Pole 100 years ago on Dec 14, 1911.

To Robert Falcon Scott, Henry Robertson (Birdie) Bowers and Dr. Edward Adrian “Bill” Wilson of the British Antarctic Terra Nova Expedition who reached the pole a month later on Jan 17, 1912 and to Edward RGR Evans and Lawrence Edward Grace Oates who died en route.

To Sir Ernest Shackelton, Sir Douglas Mawson, Shirase Nobu and the many other explorers to polar regions.

To the creators and signatories of the Antarctic Treaty who in 1961 agreed to set aside Antarctic as a scientific preserve and zone of peace and to those who care about respecting it.

To Marie V. Klenova, a Russian marine geologist, the first woman to do research on the Antarctic continent in the summer of 1956.

We are also celebrating our forthcoming book, The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning and invite others to help us complete the journey.

Wendy & Carol

One Response to Cheers!

  1. Rachel Kiddell-Monroe says:

    Thank you for a fantastic night – wonderful bortsch and fondue – wonderful moments with wonderful people. Good luck with this project and excited to get my copy of the book:).