Wendy’s Journal: December 1995

December 13, 1995

Today has been a bit of a non-event as the weather and ice pack have thwarted landing & passage plans. Summer weather looks more like winter today and I don’t feel like dealing, am happy to putter and write.

Carol’s lecture generates interest in the project. Many are envious.

Presentation on Explorers: What really has changed since the 1820’s? Not much and the dangers are still the same. Perhaps that’s why I keep having the exam dream. I’m anxious to get moving, all this fuel and nothing to wear it off on.

Clouds lifted at 6:00. Sun & Humpback whale escort for about an hour. What fantastic creatures, they showed off for us, playing about the ship and seeming to like it.

Landed on the continent for the last time at Charlotte Bay. Hiked up a rise in knee to thigh deep snow to lie in the sun and look over the bay. Slid and rolled and somersaulted down. Two penguins came up to us—5 ft away. Catch the last Zodiac ride back to ship. I can’t wait to get to Bellingshausen.

To those who dream & live their dreams —Gerry Speiss