Sur Polar IV, art in Antártida

If you’re in Buenos Aires, go see this Exhibition on Polar Art at the Tigre Art Museum, or look at some of the images online on Antartida Urbana’s site. 

In early September the IV Antarctic Art and Culture conference and festival was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, “Antarctic Art, Science, People and Polar Dialogs”. I love and slightly fear the progression of visual representations of the Poles. So much beauty, light, good research and cooperation and also warnings about human behaviour.  What are these green looking alfalfa sprouts? Are they growing crops now in Antarctica. I joke, but the warming is changing what animals and plants live where and how.  The earliest Antarctic artists were amazed at the natural landscape, the light and sky, such as Edward Wilson. One of the participating contemporary artists in this festival, Andrea Juan, we are in touch with about our book, The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning.  And a beautiful piece from co-author Wendy Trusler’s exhibition Antarctic Chronicles will appear in our version of a “polar record.” How do you imagine Antarctica?

Dr Edward Wilson, April-June 1911. He would have to paint indoors as outdoors his watercolours would freeze

Edward Wilson notebooks 1911

Edward Wilson notebooks 1911


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