Wild Culture magazine: 3 part series on ABCC- navigating the edge

The Journal of Wild Culture is a new online magazine that focuses on the broad and fertile intersection between culture and the environment. The Journal is published by the Society for the Preservation of Wild Culture, an arts and ecology organization founded by Whitney Smith in 1986 by multi-disciplinary artist Whitney Smith.

Part 1: The first in a three-part series on a project that asks the questions: What is Antarctica to us, and what we can be to it? A new book about the project weaves historic and contemporary photographs, recipes and daily reports in a polar journal style. At the heart of it is the story of the food.

Part 2 in our 3-part series on traveling to a faraway continent where the simplest acts — social and environmental — get edgy fast.

Part 3 or our 3-part series on a new book, The Antarctic Book of Cooking & Cleaning. An engaging chef and artist speaks intimately about food and cooking in a very desolate place.

Many thanks Whitney Smith and Wild Culture team.

Tidying up for dinner, way down south, Wild Culture June 2014 part 1

ps see below for Get Involved list Carol created for this article series.

GET INVOLVED in Antarctic and global wilderness environment polar ocean and cultural protection outreach and education:

• Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition

• Antarctic Ocean Alliance

• 2041 — “Informing, engaging and inspiring the next generation of leaders to take responsibility, be sustainable, and know that now is the time for action in policy development, sustainable business generation and future technologies. In the year 2041 the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty <http://www.antarctica.ac.uk/about_antarctica/geopolitical/treaty/update_… could potentially be modified or amended. Our aim is to work towards the continuing protection of the Antarctic Treaty so that the last great wilderness on earth is never exploited.”

• Cape Farewell — The Cultural response to Climate Change

• WWF Antarctic teachers resources

• WWF Arctic

• International Polar Foundation

• EducaPoles — The educational website of the International Polar Foundation

• Greenpeace Protecting Antarctica — The heart of the ocean

• Directory of Environmental Organizations, jobs, volunteer work, government and non-government in Canada

• Cultural Survival partnering with Indigenous peoples to defend their lands, languages and cultures

• SCAR — The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, is a committee of ICSU, the International Council for Science, <http://www.icsu.org>  and it is charged with the initiation, promotion and co-ordination of scientific research in Antarctica. SCAR also provides international, independent scientific advice to the Antarctic Treaty <http://www.scar.org/treaty/>  system and other bodies

• Marine Conservation Organizations

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