Australia: Antarctic cooking & cleaning in Frankie Magazine

by ABCCmain on April 18, 2014

Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning featured in Issue 59 of lovely Frankie Magazine: an Australian magaizne with all the latest news, trends and events in fashion, food, music, craft, art and travel. Australia: book photographer Sandy Nicholson‘s native land…

In this issue: “We meet a lady who loves hand-drawn type and another who paints huge, building-sized murals – plus two Sydneysiders with the best job title ever: “Dean of Awesome”. There are tips on how to cook and make friends in the Antarctic; patterns for knitting your own galah [an awesome pink feathered bird].”

Check Find Frankie on where to get your copy. Will update once we see the issue, in Canada soon.

ABCC nominee for Taste Canada Food Writing awards, Culinary Narrative

by ABCCmain on April 01, 2014

We’re honoured to be among such fine books in our category in the Taste Canada awards. Will keep you posted.