depart comfort zone=brain food, adventure tales & a recipe

I recently wrote an article for Elle Canada‘s May issue on the theme of Adventure. I was pleased they wanted to know about the art and science of adventure as well as defining adventure with meaning. I include a few tips and some worthy initiatives and organizations from The Pine Project and the Consciousness Explorer’s Club to British explorer Alistair Humphrey’s Microadventures (they can be near by and cheap).

Science tells us unequivocally that doing something we fear is good for us, especially as we age. (But be self-aware because that same adventure bit of our brain, the ventral striatum -the reward centre- is also the one that likes gambling etc. Ahh polarity of life.)

Little things like taking a new route on your jog or walk, talking to a stranger at a party, adventures in your own community or or volunteering on a local board of directors is healthy. We also need nature to feed our soul, with so many of us (80% now) in North America and Europe in urban centres, so we counter a growing “nature deficit disorder.”

There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do. Freya Stark, b. 1893 British explorer and travel writer

At a recent talk with Jane Goodall, someone in the audience asked her if she has any regrets. I loved her answer, “No. There are times I could have gone this way or that, but each action is what brought me here. I’m here, aren’t I.” Her wisdom reminds us not to sweat mistakes or trip-ups as so often they’re the path: the adventure, the lessons and the experience get you to where you should be, or at least, where you are (sometimes the stones on the path may be brutally sharp but pain subsides, we heal, we grow).

Try an Edible Expedition

As Elle was doing this adventure package and as Wendy and my book is about to launch May 5 so they said lets include a recipe also in the magazine – I’m not surprised at their choice of the recipe Wendy herself adventurously collected in the Antarctic, “Sea Cabbage (Laminaria) Salad” (amongst 41 other fabulous international recipes and tips).

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