Everybody Eats: International cookbook by Carlin Saunders, age: freshly 15 and wise

What a terrific surprise to receive a copy of Carlin Saunder’s new cookbook, Everybody Eats. Carlin’s mother actor Sarah Stevens sent us a copy. It’s brilliant.

We’re all human beings. We may look different, speak different languages, have different ideas, and live on opposite sides of the planet, but when it comes down to it we’re people, unique but equal people, and it would do us well to always remember that.
There are certain things that draw us together, certain things that happen to everyone no matter where or how they live. We’re all born, we all have family, we all laugh, we all love, we all die, and we all pay taxes some way or another. There’s something else that brings us together, though. Everybody eats.
This cookbook takes foods from all over the globe, and puts all those recipes in a single cookbook. A mere sampling of the planet’s foods, but perhaps enough to get a small taste of everywhere. Perhaps enough to show that we really are not that different, after all. Our food is, though. Carlin Saunders.

by Carlin Saunders

Here’s how the story goes: “Good Morning Carol. The cookbook is for Carlin’s Grade 9 Food and Nutrition course. He has been working on it for many hours over the past two weeks.  It displays his usual humour peppered in his descriptions of the World cuisine. Carlin was intent on curating recipes from each continent, “except Antarctica, of course, as there is no cuisine from there”, he said.  Well, imagine my excitement being able to share with him that we have ties with an author of Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning.  Carlin was very curious as to HOW we know the leader of an Antarctic expedition team…”

Carlin’s recipe global collection includes classic Poutine from Canada and Loso na madesu, a dish of beans and rice from the Congo.

He included a special recipe from The Antarctic Book and Cooking and Cleaning – they’re all special and loving collected, curated, tested and shared by Wendy. I asked Sarah to remind me how old Carlin is, Sarah said it was his fifteenth birthday. Wise, talented young man with a global mind.

And last but not least, his adaptation of Wendy’s Spiced Tea comes as the last page of the book:

From Everybody Eats p 41, Carlin Saunders

Thank you Carlin. We love and share the spirit with which you made this book. Happy 15th and many more.

Carlin Saunders 6'2

ps I wonder anyone ever made Poutine in Antarctica. Well, it is genius. Especially late night. Vive poutine et le monde.

Carlin Saunders Everybody Eats, 2014

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