Finger Lichen Good – how’s that for a title. Amy Rosen

Tundra-tini or birch syrup latté anyone?

“This may not be Canada’s breadbasket, but just hug the Hudson Bay coastline and you’ll discover a creative subarctic culinary landscape”

The Surprising Cuisine of Northern Manitoba

Wonderful story Amy with such much richness about food and culture north of Churchill Manitoba where Canada’s polar bears roam.

The Arctic menus Amy discovered scintillate in their wild difference from southern Ontario fare yet global elegance. Braised elk, Boletus edulis (mushrooms), bison, crowberry juice and Borealis Burger “a vegetarian kitchen sink winner that sees a wild rice patty studded with berries, beans and veggies, topped with hummus, avocado, lettuce, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, red onion and feta (served with de rigueur yam fries and sriracha mayo)”. Localvores: when in Rome, when in Manitoba. Fantastic illustrations by Eiko Ojala.

Eiko Ojala in En Route

“The aroma of the tundra is almost magical, like a winter-fresh Febreze scent. Our patient ginger-haired guide from the Seal River Heritage Lodge, Terry Elliott, informs me that the scent is the Labrador tea we’re walking through. There are wee wild strawberries and burgundy-coloured foxtails blowing in the breeze…”


Dear readers enjoy this food trip north and we hope you can join and enjoy the virtual food journey south of 60 with us Amy.

Eiko Ojala En Route

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