Penalty The world. Mandy Barker’s evocative images of how we pollute

It’s happened before: beautiful things are made from awful things in culmination. Let this horror/beauty inspire. Mandy Barker‘s series of art, plastic pieces she collected and photographed thematically on a dark background are genius and captivating testimonials of waste. Her layouts are intricate. The captions that go along also tell us how we’ve forgotten to use biodegradable, natural wrappers and holders etc in exchange for disposable plastic: the loss of how to live in concert with nature and inspiration to live lightly again. Our laziness: one use lighters. Read more in the Smithsonian Magazine:

“Britain-based artist Mandy Barker photographed plastic from Hong Kong beaches and layered her images for a phantasmagorical, deep-space eeriness. “I wanted to create the feeling of no boundaries,” she says, “because plastic just goes on and on.” She didn’t have to spend long collecting enough garbage to make her pieces.”

Mandy Barker Penalty

from her website: Mandy’s current photographic projects have been focused on the representation of material debris in the sea and more recently on the mass accumulation of plastic in the world’s oceans. The impact of oceanic plastic is an area Mandy has been committed to for many years and is continuing to pursue through innovative visual interpretation. Mandy has been nominated in 2012 and 2013 for the prestigious Prix Pictet Award, the world’s leading photographic award in sustainability. Mandy talks internationally about her work and in November 2013 was invited to speak at The Plastic Free Seas Youth Conference in Hong Kong. In May 2014 Mandy was the resident artist at The Sirius Arts Centre Cobh Cork Ireland where she began a new series of work to highlight the marine debris issue in and around Cork Harbor. Her recent work PENALTY was featured as part of The Guardian Eyewitness series.

Shoal Mandy Barker

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