Still Ice in Peterborough, Wendy’s solo show

ABCC Co-author Wendy Truster launched her exhibition Still Ice at Evans Contemporary Gallery in Peterborough Apr -May 14, 2015. In The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning Wendy writes about her time at Bellingshausen station and on King George Island where these images were taken.

Article Kawartha Now by Michael Fazackerley April 30, 2015
““Still Ice”, an exhibition of archived photographs by Peterborough artist and author Wendy Trusler from when she worked as a cook at a Russian research station in Antarctica in 1996, is on display at Evans Contemporary in Peterborough until May 14.

“Ideas about life in Antarctica remain frozen in our collective memory. We imagine endless snow, icebergs, penguins, and an unremitting cold barren wilderness. Our ideas about human habitation there remain tied to history and the legends of explorers like Amundsden, Robert Falcon Scott, and Shackleton. But the truth of the matter is that those days are far behind us, and that life on Antarctica is very different that most of us envision it.

Wendy Trusler’s own journey there in 1996 sheds light on the otherwise unknown realities of the austral continent. Her photographs seem like they could belong to the time of those first explorers but slowly coax us into a dawning reality of, and intimacy with, life as it exists there in more contemporary times. She and Evans curator Paolo Fortin have created not only a photographic exhibition, but a visual expedition into a place few understand and even fewer have experienced.”

On now until May 14th at Evans Contemporary (302 Pearl Ave., Peterborough). Exhibitions can be viewed between 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Viewings can also be made by appointment.

image Wendy Trusler Evans Contemporary

image: Wendy Trusler

Canadian Art Magazine named it a “Must See” exhibit.

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